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About Enköping

Enköping - the most central town in Sweden, is a small town with 40 000 inhabitants, situated 40 minutes west of Stockholm. Other big cities like Uppsala and Västerås which are within 35-45 minutes reach.

The expression – the most central town in Sweden - means that 3 million people lives within a radius of 60 minutes from Enköping. In this area you can find 315 000 companies and 40 % of Sweden´s GNP is produced in this area.

You are able to reach 3 international airports and six renowned universities within the hour.

The modern Enköping’s trade and industry mainly consist of small-medium sized companies, representing logistics, engineering industry, construction companies and agricultural enterprises.

Kontaktuppgifter till Cissi Lööv, Marketing Director

Cissi Lööv, Marketing Director

E-mail: cissi.loov@enkoping.se
Phone: +46171528080

Foto av Cissi Lööv, marketing director


Phone: +46171528080
E-mai: naringsliv@enkoping.se
Visits: Kungsgatan 42, Enköping, Sweden
Mail: 745 80 Enköping, Sweden

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